Nash Engineered Fashion on expanding to their own retail space, very small factory

Oklahoma City (KFOR) – Roughly the same size.

Nash Fashion is still using the same sewing machine that first worked in early 2021.

“It’s become a reality,” says Nash designer Juan Aguilar.

But he takes us on a tour of his headquarters in the Midtown area, confident that he’ll move in all directions and piece together the future.

Tamra Gould, Juan’s wife and fellow designer, smiles.

They have come a long way in the last two and a half years.

Juan and Tamra, and Tamra’s sister Tressa, started the company in 2020 on the surface of their father’s ping pong table in Edmund’s upstairs game room.

Nash Engineered Fashion still specializes in active streetwear, but they also do custom work.

Juan explains: We will make your desired clothes from scratch. ”

A derivative line called Nash Panda proved a bestseller using designs inspired by Trafford, brother of Tamra and Tressa. Although he was born with Down syndrome, he always had a notebook full of sketches.

“A few years ago, I had the idea to implement his design into our line in college.”

The 12th and Walker location is both factory and retail.

“The only thing we don’t do is weave fabric,” says Tressa Gould.

A sign on the outside of the door says “if the light is on it’s open”.

They remain agile.

Ideas always come from all kinds of different directions.

Tamra remembers. He listened and said, “Is it like the Build-A-Bear of fashion?”

Nash Engineered Fashion is still a work in progress, but now they are independent in the parts of the city that they deem fit for their activities, and in a direction where more of their work can be seen throughout the city. i am going. .

For more information, visit the Nash Engineered Fashion website or Instagram page.

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