Nepo Baby, Gatekeeping, Gaslighting: The Words of the Year Were More Than Just Slang

Every year new slang is born. For example, let’s take a look at some trending words and phrases for 2021. But this year, the most popular buzzwords, especially beloved by Gen Z, felt more loaded. It was also a convenient term for attacking or criticizing systems of power.

Nepo baby was the undisputed star of the year (even though Oxford Dictionary decided to crown “Goblin Mode” instead). I first encountered the label in the spring of this year with his second season, which was a hot topic and consistently viral. euphoriaSomeone online has discovered that Maude Apatow, who stars as Lexie in the series, is the daughter of comedy heavyweight Judd Apatow and actor Leslie Mann. Apparently, many other young people didn’t know this either.The tweet went viral, and from there sparked a debate about whether Maude was worthy of her role. euphoriaand if Any Hollywood’s egg of the professional has managed to work ethically in the industry.Ben Platt, Lily Collins, Louisa Jacobson and many more made the list of Nepo’s babies. Every few weeks, social media users seem to unearth new actors whose parents are working in Hollywood, considering the #MeToo movement that exploded in the film and television world just a few years ago, and then , systemic racism – was not based on virtuous meritocracy. The term has neither lived nor died on the Internet. just this week New York The magazine released a cover story dedicated to Hollywood’s Nepo baby.

My colleague Sarah Spellings, Fashion News Editor at, believes the recurring Nepo Baby debate reflects just how dangerous and troubling topics can be on social media. increase. “People who are chronically online take everything as a big deal,” she says. One example she points out: The debate about whether you like or dislike children is rooted in ableism. “You can see that reflected in our casual conversations and jokes.”

Also, in an age of fake news and earthquake global events, the term “gaslighting” has been used to describe “the psychological effects of a person, usually over an extended period of time, that make the victim question the validity of their ideas. It means to operate on Webster, who made “gaslighting” the word of the year, has become more and more prominent in our everyday vocabulary. “This means more people than ever before can identify what gaslighting is, the harm it causes, and call it out,” wrote Claire Cohen. trend“Not to mention the word of the year, that gaslight is a word and something to shout about.”

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