Nigerians speak on nudity in fashion

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Since Nigerians have a different view of what fashion truly portends, there continues to be mixed reactions and nudity is becoming a fashion trend.

Speaking to the Nigerian News Agency (NAN) in Lagos on Tuesday, a cross-section of the Nigerian man expressed his views on the consequences and misconceptions of nudity.

Florist Mrs. Florence Okenwa denounced the idea of ​​bringing nudity into fashion, saying that unnecessary exposure of the body could be interpreted as an irresponsible person.

“I don’t stand for nudity or revealing your precious body in the name of fashion. There’s a saying that you should dress in a way that you want to be spoken to. A woman reveals her body.” It is an invitation or temptation to the opposite sex.

“I strongly believe that obscene clothing devalues ​​women because it exposes women’s treasures. I think it’s obscene to open the ugly part,” she said.

However, designer Fayemi said nudity is mixed with fashion around the world, and that it usually depends on what the designer is promoting or displaying.

“All over the world, nudity is mixed with fashion. However, it depends on what the designer is trying to promote.

“For example, if you’re advertising lingerie, there’s a model wearing it and everyone else sees it as nude.

“Designers are trying to advertise lingerie, not models. Nudes and models are part of fashion, so you have to be able to figure out what’s being advertised,” he said.

Lawyer Solomon Adekunle said that while obscene clothing was once rare in Africa, it is now a trend that has led to increasing rates of immorality in society.

Adekunle added that the mass media as agents of socialization should also promote moral values, and that the display of obscenely dressed people on television through advertisements, films and music videos should be discouraged. .

“This practice is common among students in higher education institutions. They dress in all manner of outfits with the goal of appearing sexy and attractive rather than dressing responsibly.

“We need to introduce strict dress code enforcement in higher education institutions across the country to eliminate obscene clothing.

“Also, to complement such efforts, parents must teach their children to dress appropriately.

“Religious leaders should also preach against such practices. Students should be educated about the consequences of obscene clothing,” he said.

However, Jude Oni-Okpaku, managing director of Quintessence, said fashion should not be confused with nudity, as fashion is strictly about expressing oneself.

“Like you rightly said, these are two different things that should not be confused or mixed up. Fashion is about expressing yourself with your clothes and appearance, and nudity has nothing to do with fashion.” I’m completely naked,” he said.

Entrepreneur Hunmirayo Simeon says she sometimes wonders why people expose their bodies all in the name of fashion, but what she sees in the media and the consequences of improper parenting I later discovered that it could be

“It may also be a result of moral upbringing or peer pressure.

“Also, women who dress indecently can be considered prostitutes in this part of Africa. I’m wondering,’ she said. (NAN) (

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