North America’s Largest Distributor of Luxury Fashion Chooses PIM Provider, Digital Wave Technology

Ponte Vedra, FL–(business wire)– MadaLuxe Group, the world’s leading luxury fashion distributor, has invested in Digital Wave for its Product Experience Management (PXM) suite that combines Product Information Management (PIM), Product Master Data Management (PMDM) and Digital Asset Management. We chose Technology (DAM), all on one platform.

MadaLuxe Group’s addition to Digital Wave’s established customer base is an important step into the world of luxury fashion for the SaaS provider, and MadaLuxe Group’s adoption of the suite marks an enhancement to its already ambitious digital strategy. I mean

After evaluating other PIM providers, MadaLuxe Group chose Digital Wave PXM Suite as a key differentiator.

  • Proven Ability to Accelerate Time to Market

  • Ability to create a single source of truth

  • A flexible and customized approach to the unique business model of luxury brands

  • A roadmap aligned with the luxury brand’s ambitious future vision and goals

“The Digital Wave PXM Suite stood out from the competition because it was tailored to our business and framework without the cost of a custom solution, instead of boxing our processes in.” Madarax Group. “Needless to say, from the very beginning we received great service and attention from the Digital Wave team. MadaLuxe Group wants to go into full production with PXM Suite.”

said Louise Hynd, senior vice president of business development at Digital Wave. “Digital Wave has bold ambitions and we have found a great partner in MadaLuxe Group.”

About Digital Wave Technology

Digital Wave Technology helps brands and retailers accelerate omnichannel growth and direct-to-consumer sales, marketing and merchandising. Digital Wave’s revolutionary Omni-Product Platform integrates the entire product journey from item creation, product enrichment, management, syndication (PIM/MDM), planning, pricing and merchandising. Digital Wave is the only product solutions platform built with full AI, automation, and configurable workflows, enabling brands and retailers to easily and efficiently centralize, organize, enhance, sell, and publish product content. to

result? Increased speed to market, increased channel distribution of new items, reduced returns and labor costs, improved collaboration between internal teams and suppliers, and a more engaging customer experience. To learn more about how Digital Wave can make a big impact on your company’s bottom line, visit

About Madarax Group

MadaLuxe Group has a unique foothold in the luxury goods industry. The group markets, manufactures and distributes luxury goods from the world’s most respected European fashion houses. MadaLuxe Group delivers luxury fashion experiences to customers around the world, backed by an extraordinary team of luxury fashion professionals committed to leading the industry in a new era of sustainability and eco-efficiency. .

For more information about MadaLuxe Group, please visit

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