Oscar de la Renta Picks Amazon Over Fashion Week

Oscar de la Renta uses Amazon instead of Fashion Week for customer acquisition.

A New York-based luxury fashion house discovered that it could reach customers directly by streaming its shows on its e-commerce site and showcasing its products at off-season shows. Fashion Week and other industry events will only reach industry buyers and the fashion press, the Financial Times reported on Thursday (15 December).

Alex Bohlen, CEO of Oscar de la Renta, said in the report: “There is no business that spends that kind of money on fashion shows to sell clothes.”

According to the report, many small and medium-sized brands are more focused on running profitable businesses than keeping up with the promotional efforts of luxury brands such as LVMH and Kering.

Oscar de la Renta’s sales were above pre-pandemic 2019, with profit margins up from 10% to 25%, the report said.

“Is Amazon really the right place for luxury fashion? I’m not sure,” Bohlen said in the report. “But we need to try new ways to get our story out there.”

When Amazon Luxury Stores debuted two years ago, it did so as an invite-only offer to eligible Prime members that launched with Oscar de la Renta’s Fall/Winter 2020 line.

A September 2020 press release stated that the collection will be “sold directly from participating brands as a ‘store within a store’ experience, with brands making their own decisions about availability, selection and pricing, and Amazon allowing brands to create and personalize of merchandising tools.” Content for each unique brand voice. ”

As PYMNTS reported on Oct. 21, Amazon has since expanded the concept to European markets, adding US brands.

“Since launching Luxury Stores at Amazon with iconic fashion house Oscar de la Renta, our U.S. stores now include a broad and diverse range of global fashion and beauty brands. , constantly looking for new and exciting ways to engage customers.Blog posts.

At the same time, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s and others are finding ways to shrink Amazon’s growing moat in the apparel retail sector.

Walmart, for example, is experimenting with buyable videos and influencer marketing, as PYMNTS reported on August 22nd.

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