Our Legacy Fall 2023 Menswear Collection

Evoking proportion play as a theme for the Fall 2023 season may be preparatory, but it’s certainly the work of Our Legacy where Christopher Nin focused on the actual fit of some pretty rad fits. in case.

A father of two young daughters, Nying not only focused on his daughters’ clothes, but also the children’s clothing he had collected over the years. (One of his items that inspires the collection, a pink-and-white striped onesie, appears as a piece of his show that Nying described as an “inner smile”). “I’m kind of dirty,” admitted the designer. But if his new collection is personal, it’s also technical with clever problem-solving.

For example, see 6. It’s based on the designer’s daughter’s jacket Nying brought to the office to play with, her vintage N-3B hoodie. “I changed the proportions only for the width of the body, and made it a top.” Art pencils for children are stuffed in the pocket of the leather sleeve, bringing out a different smile.

“With this collection, I like the idea of ​​actually doing a lot of washing and staining in terms of getting this right patina, like shrinking. You can also see many nice details. Chain knit updates the classic cable. The Cure turns heads with his T-shirt from Robert Smith. Corduroy is horizontal. Also, some pants and jackets are finished with zippers instead of buttons.

Nying says one of the longer cardigans fits her daughter the same way she wears her own cardigan. Also note the way the shoulders are set in the blazer with the shrunk.The trousers are sharp or full. Nying’s vision is generous and tolerant of diversity. At the same time, he has certain touchstones. Military kit is one of them. In addition to his N-3B jacket in America, Nying has reworked the classic Swedish military topper (Look 8). His bomber jackets, his waxed outdoor jackets, his duffle coats and his teddy coats all look classic even when shaped. It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it that’s your personal style.

“This is a very personal style for me,” Ning explained over the phone. You’ll see knit on top, gaiters on pants, and plaid on top of plaid. “Usually I’m not very good at layering, but this collection has proportions of small and large, so it’s very easy to layer…. I just wear it on myself in a way, it’s a bit of a bad style, but I like it because it’s comfortable to wear. [it keeps] you are warm

Nying isn’t just talking about looks and functionality, but about the natural, unassuming gestures of someone who cares more about getting there than looking at it when they get there. An essentially anti-fashion stance. Of course, this collection and its styling are intentional, but the magic of OL is creating clothes that are familiar yet ‘off’ in an appealing way.

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