Paris Fashion Week channels historic men’s styles

Paris — As Paris Fashion Week prepares for Dior Men on Friday, British designer Paul Smith hits the encyclopedia.

Here are some highlights from the Fall/Winter 2023-24 Menswear Show.

Paul Smith changes the century

Smith delves into the history books to create a thoughtful exhibition that blends 1970s London with 1870s cities.

A quilted coat with a checked cloak perfectly illustrates this. It has a wide back, as if it were made in Baker Street, and if it had a pipe, it could have been worn by Sherlock Holmes.

Elsewhere, high white collars evoke 19th-century sophistication, while dark velvet-like coats with large collars reveal a beautiful textured thickness.

This kind of old-fashioned thinking gave autumn and winter a simpler style than usual, but it was a welcome change.

Smith’s touchstone, the 1970s, was also on display. Designs include a puffy checked coat, bright blue print his pants, and loosely colored suits with broad shoulders and rounded edges.

The best looks were a blend of the two eras. For example, his loose cerulean trench coat with voluminous layers paired with his striped blue silk foulard.

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