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What does your ‘Lead The Charge’ campaign represent with all things HS Vintage? I know you launched it recently. This is your debut campaign, do you see this as a presentation of your brand ethos?

(Eri): “Lead The Charge” basically represents a community that wants to do their own thing and carve their own path. Our recently launched campaigns feature people who are trailblazers in their respective industries. There’s an iPhone DJ who actually DJs from his iPhone…that’s what he specializes in! He’s actually in England and doing very well. Also one of the most popular people in Accra now, his name was he Kojo. I had a friend, Darkor, who actually wore a bikini. I think she was the first in Ghana to take bikinis to the next level.

(Henry): Also, one of my friend’s stylist who likes good vintage glasses did a great job.

(Eri): The whole idea of ​​this campaign is to not only help people stand out in their own way by wearing vintage, but also to make them feel like they are pushing their own way and giving in to what others are doing. It makes you feel like you don’t need it.

(Henry): you have to have your own uniqueness. Once you create it, everything will be special and different for you and everyone who sees what you do.

It sure looks like you’re covering a lot of bases. In terms of second-hand clothing in general, it is considered a greener alternative to fast fashion, which you mentioned is gaining considerable popularity in Ghana. What is HS Vintage doing to help?

(Eri): As such, where we source our goods in this market town, part of Accra, is one of the largest areas of local waste, especially clothing. This is where different countries send used clothes and 40% are discarded. We were born to take advantage of that and get people to accept old clothes. Because when we started, people liked fast fashion because it was new. I feel like I’ve been able to know the coolness of old clothes.

(Henry): I also like to style clothes, so I used this opportunity to show people that I can actually wear vintage clothes and look just like someone who wears fast fashion clothes. Make sure you know how to do it. This is what we do. It’s all about putting these together and letting people know exactly what vintage clothing is like and how to go about things.

More about vintage clothing, is there a time when you’re obsessed with it, or is it anything that catches your eye?

(Henry): It’s mostly what catches our eye. We go to the market and get the best. If we see something and Eli is there to do some research…we get it on the spot!

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