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time out: Philippe Plein unveiled his new Specter watch line at an elegant cocktail party at the Hôtel de Crillon on Friday night during Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

The Skeleton Specter and Specter Chronograph were on display through physical and holographic displays in one of the grand gilded rooms with live classical music. Visitors were also able to see the brand’s campaign, headed by motorsports great Eddie Jordan.

“I like cars, I like watches… [they’re] machine,” said Plain. “One is a time machine and the other is a racing machine, very technical.”

Plein himself is a longtime watch collector, having launched his first watch collection over a year ago in the luxury division of licensee Timex.

“This was Timex’s most successful watch launch in the last two years,” said Plain, whose 2022 bestseller was the Skeleton Watch.

The new model he designed is less sporty than its predecessor.

“It’s more elegant,” Plein said, pointing to the flat case. Designers have infused the brand’s code into the model, for example, Specter’s face is a hexagon like the shape of his Plein logo, with his signature skull and automatic movement inside.

“This is a watch to wear with a suit,” he continued.

Plain himself wore a tuxedo with metal watches such as pink gold and steel. The Specter will launch in his February and will cost around €790.

Plain expects wholesale sales of the watch business to reach €20 million this year, compared to €8.9 million in 2022, when inventory issues hit.

“Spectre” holds a nice cachet. had 24 namesth It’s a James Bond movie and a nickname for the next Rolls-Royce model.

“I’m also a Rolls-Royce fan,” Plain said. “I have four Rolls-Royces,” and he ordered his Specter and built five.

But back to the clock. Plein’s next model will be a limited Swiss-made model called the Crypto King, retailing from €2,000 to €4,000.

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