Police Nab Suspect in Turtle Bay Murder of Fashion Model

Police have arrested a suspect in the murder of aspiring runway model Victoria Goode, 27, who was brutally assaulted and murdered by her roommate at a Turtle Bay shelter on December 16.

The alleged killer, Charmaine Crossman, was still wearing the same pink sweater she wore in surveillance videos and photos circulated by police after the murder. Four days after being charged with second-degree murder, he turned himself in to police at the 69th percentile in Canary Sea.

Goode reportedly appeared in fashion runway shows and was on the cover of Vogue Mexico, but recently had trouble finding work.

According to officers, Crossman, who was remanded without bail, had shown in the past to have a Jamaican passport, but did not have one at the time of his arrest.

Goode, who arrived in the city five years ago, reportedly lived in the Project Renewal Shelter on East 45th Street near Third Avenue and shared a room with Crossman. Nearly the entire assault was captured on video, police said, with the perpetrator throwing the knife he used in the brutal attack into a garbage can at the corner of the street, which was recovered by police on the night of the assault.

Police said a witness to the brutal assault was smoking marijuana in the room Goode shared with Crossman. I told him that I started spraying the agent.

The victim threw a blanket at Crossman, who, according to a police statement, drew a knife and began stabbing the victim. Police and her EMS rushed her victim down her sixth-floor hallway to Bellevue Hospital, where doctors said she had sustained injuries from stab wounds to her left chest, left arm, left shoulder blade, and inner thigh. I couldn’t save her.

Detective Robert Admirand said when he arrested Crosman, the suspect was wearing the same clothes she wore in a surveillance video police circulated shortly after the attack. He said the blood looked like it had dried.

Daemen King, the older brother who started a Go Fund Me page to cover the funeral expenses to bring his sister back to Oklahoma City, told the Daily News that his sister lived with friends and sometimes in various shelters. said. More permanent housing by the city. He had been afraid of his sister’s roommate for some time and asked to be moved to another room, but the request was never granted. Instead, her parents are currently making plans for her funeral, which is complicated by the severe weather that is hitting the Midwest. “We still come together as a family and hug each other.” “Her brother has three children, the oldest being nine, so I don’t understand what’s going on,” he said. “We’re going to spend Christmas for them.”

He said he and his parents were due to attend the trial. [Crossman’s] I’m not going to run away from it.

King’s Go Fund Me page had raised $5,469 by noon Thursday, reaching its goal of $10,000 for her funeral. “Rest in peace beloved Victoria Jade Goode,” he wrote on his GoFundMe page. ”

One donor, identified only as Bre W, who donated $50, wrote: It’s heartbreaking to see a friend’s life cut short. Prayers to her parents and her family.Sleep well, Vicky, the family you created in New York.

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