Pregnant Lawrence Woman Says Baby Clothes Stolen Repeatedly From Porch – NBC Boston

A pregnant woman in Lawrence, Massachusetts, says packages of her unborn daughter’s merchandise have been repeatedly stolen from her pouches.

Ariandi Figueroa, six months pregnant from Dominican Republic, said on NBC10 Boston that another man had stolen from her property in November, December and last week, making her increasingly concerned for the safety of her family. Said he was doing

“That’s what worries me. Today it’s my clothes, but tomorrow or next time it might be at my house,” she said.

Her young son grieves for his sister.

“My son says, ‘Oh my God, Mom, these are my sister’s clothes,'” Figueroa said.

She wants the police to patrol the neighborhood more often.

“We need to feel safe,” she said.

Package theft is considered a low-risk, low-skill crime. According to experts, only 5-8% of those cases are reported to the police.

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