Pueblo police arrest cross-dressing robbery suspect

Pueblo police on Thursday arrested an armed robber who distributed loot inside an apartment and changed into women’s clothing when officers searched him.

Brandon Hoskins, 37, was eventually jailed for aggravated robbery after investigators uncovered his deception.

These agents were initially looking for a white man in a black hoodie over a black and red flannel shirt who lifted the Dollar General at the 2400 block on South Prairie Avenue around 8:45 a.m.

They found him – on surveillance video. The suspect was clearly seen running across the street to an apartment in Pueblo Village.

Police cordoned off the area and knocked on one apartment door. Six people were found inside, including Hoskins “wearing a wig, camisole and padded bra,” as PPD explained in a press release.

Elsewhere in the apartment, officers found a hoodie and flannel shirt that matched what the robbery suspect was wearing. A trouser pocket contained Hoskins’ wallet and his ID.

One other person who was in the apartment was found with money, and “a number of bills of denominations matching those taken from the Dollar General Store” were reported to the PPD.

Detectives learned from at least one person in the apartment that Hoskins had run into the apartment, admitted to robbing the Dollar General, and began taking money out of his pockets.

Hoskins is scheduled to appear in Pueblo Court on Wednesday.

Police did not disclose what kind of relationship Hoskins had with the people in the apartment or whether he was a resident there.

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