Salvation Army partners with ZIPS Cleaner for annual winter clothing drive

Baltimore — When the winter cold arrives, coats, gloves, and hats are top priorities for the average person.

That’s why the Central Maryland Salvation Army has partnered with Today’s 101.9 Radio Station to keep people warm. Together they participated in the annual clothing movement known as Bundle Up Baltimore.

And this year, ZIPS Cleaners joined the effort.

Millicent Holcomb, owner of ZIPS Cleaners, said: “I can’t wrap my head around it, so for me this is a very small part of trying to help someone who is suffering like that.

Two weeks ago, all 17 ZIPS dry cleaning locations set up bins in their lobbies and asked the community to donate warm outerwear.

Holcomb said he was overwhelmed by the generosity of the people.

“The lobby is full of bins overflowing with lots of clothing, donations, etc.,” she said. “We have great customers.

In 2022, the Salvation Army has collected over 1,200 blankets and coats. We expect to exceed that target in 2023.

“Needs don’t discriminate against age,” said Captain Katie Bernabe of the Salvation Army. “So we target children, seniors, adults, men, women, everyone, because it’s the difference between comfort and survival.”

Donations are sorted at the Salvation Army warehouse.

They then distribute warm gear to those in need in a feeding program in Baltimore.The program has helped over 250 people each night for six nights.

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