Sask. fashion designer creates unique gift for Jason Momoa

St. Louis, Sask. Fashion Her designer got a rare chance to present her creations to her Hollywood star Jason Momoa.

Some friends of Christine Tournier responded to a casting call in Toronto for a blind actor to appear in a TV series featuring Momoa.

” [Canadian National Institute for the Blind] I posted a tweet that the production starring Jason Momoa was filmed in Toronto,” said Tournier, which owns SS River Designs in St. Louis.

“They called out a blind or partially blind Canadian actor. A friend of mine thought her husband was perfect, so she auditioned and was selected.

When they got the role in the series, they asked Tornier to create a piece to give to Momoa during filming.

“They wanted to present him with something meaningful and very special, so they asked me to make a beadwork piece,” she said.

“We worked together. They had some ideas about the image they wanted for the beadwork because it meant something to them.”

Using design suggestions from friends, Tournier incorporated eagles, feathers, tents, Hawaiian flowers, and rainbows.

“You can’t see it, but it’s moose skin underneath,” Tournier told CTV News.

“The main part of the medallion is the tortoise, which of course has significance in indigenous cultures and in Hawaii as well. Many of our indigenous teachings are found throughout the land.”

Tournier admits he was nervous about the project because he’s a huge Jason Momoa fan.

“I was really, really happy about it, but I was nervous about doing it because of these elements that I don’t usually make into beads,” she said. But I really wanted to do a good job.”

After filming ended, the actors had the opportunity to give Momoa a gift, along with a note from Tournier.

“They were able to go see him in his trailer and it was gifted to him,” Tournier said.

“As you went through the process and explained its structure, I wrote an article about it. He opened it with them there, read the article out loud and offered to take pictures. By the sound of it, he was really very kind.”

Tournier says the special attention this gift brings has been made public on her social media pages.

“There’s been a lot of interest, so many positive comments and congratulations,” she said. “Now I can watch it and see my friends on the episodes.

While she’s still thrilled with the experience, Tournier says she’s already eyeing another big opportunity. She will be attending an indigenous fashion event in France this spring.

Tournier says she was lucky to be a part of her friends’ amazing journey.

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