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Simone Biles knows something about perseverance. And the medal-winning Olympic gymnast took to the stage Monday morning at the National Retail Federation competition to share some tips on how to overcome adversity in both athletics and business.

“Growing up in the world of gymnastics and having to go through many trials and tribulations has taught me to never give up and always move forward,” she said. “When you make a decision, you may be the only one standing by you. You have to dig deep and think about what you want to achieve.”

Growing up, she recalled, in January her mother called her and her siblings into her room and asked them to write down their goals for the year. I realized that it was one of

“So I kind of changed my perspective on how I look at it,” she said. “OK, I have plan A. If that doesn’t work, I have plan B. Then there’s the rest of the alphabet.”

After all, Biles found success at a young age. She was just 19 years old at her first Olympics. “What if she’s 19 and fulfills her dreams?” she asked. “That’s a really good question. So I said, this is just going to be the beginning. intend to do.”

As she embarks on the next phase of her life beyond gymnastics, she will continue to use the skills she learned on the mat to excel in business.

“I was a persistent kid,” she said. “When someone said I couldn’t, I had to prove that I could. And that has continued throughout my career. We see the road and strive to follow the same path.”

She also believes embracing teamwork is of the utmost importance in both athletics and business. “It takes a village, but I think people tend to forget that, especially in athletics,” she said.

She said she was actually banned from competing in a recent game because she wasn’t mentally healthy and could get injured. , said there was a lot going on behind closed doors that people didn’t know about, including other issues that had taken a toll on her mental health.

But by making her struggle public, Biles has brought the issue to the forefront, making the previously taboo subject “a normal thing that everyone could go through at some point in their life.” . It’s okay if it’s not okay. “

“I think as an athlete, you learn how to navigate and search your brain and turn it on and off.

One of Biles’ first moves outside of the gym came in 2021 when she signed a long-term partnership deal with Athleta, specifically focusing on Athleta Girls, aimed at ages 6-13. She said she wanted to work with the company because it was “by women, for women” and offered options in all sizes and shapes. The company not only backed gymnast Simone Biles, but backed “just Simone.”

In particular, the Athleta Girl initiative is close and dear to her as she co-designs a special capsule for this young clientele. The collection features inspirational sayings such as ‘Because you can do it’ and ‘Courage is your superpower’ as a way to empower these girls in hidden spots on clothing such as waistbands. “It’s like having little Simone on your shoulder.”

Is that Simone in Paris for the upcoming Summer Olympics? “I’m trying to figure it out now. Of course, mental health is the top priority. So I’m in Paris, but I don’t know if it’s on the floor with the girls or just cheering in the stands.

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