Ski Style: These Stars Have Nailed the Art of Winter Fashion

If you’re a fan of chalets and hot chocolate, it’s ski and après-ski season. Whether you’re planning a gorgeous Aspen vacation (as Kendall and Kylie Jenner did) or hitting the slopes at your local resort, you need all the right winter gear to enjoy it in style. . And who better to look for ski fashion inspiration than the famous Snow Bunny?

Over the years, stars have headed to the mountains in utilitarian ski looks that are still incredibly fashion-forward. Princess Diana often wore her colorful puffer jacket and sophisticated traveler sunglasses during her frequent ski trips. She has easily proven that she can transform her look while keeping her body warm with Black Her Diamond Run (or Bunny Hill for starters).

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If you’re an après-skier, you can even watch them together from the comfort of your lodge. Take a cue from Kendall and Kylie’s Aspen trip earlier this month, where Mariah Carey, who often vacations in Aspen, is also serious about skiing, even if she doesn’t actually plan to ski in her suit and cropped look. Pufferfish wears her coat and conveys the atmosphere of the city. It doesn’t matter!It’s all about rocking winter outfits that both bundle you up, as these celebrities showed When make a statement.

Here are the stars who have nailed the art of winter ski style.

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