Snoop Dogg relaunches Death Row Records with cannabis, music and fashion

It’s been less than a year since the 1991 acquisition of Death Row Records from MNRK Music Group, the label founded by Dr. Dre, Suge Knight and Dick Griffey. Like anything created by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, or his 2pac, West Coast artist Snoop Dogg has announced a reboot with a cultural platform that blends music, fashion and cannabis.

Death Row Records Cannabis Preroll Tube by Snoop Dogg

Announced on the music label’s social media a few days ago, the first cannabis drop launch uses an animation of the company’s world-famous logo to reveal the brand’s pre-roll tube.

Committed to restoring Death Row to its former glory, all elements of the old label have been repurposed for today’s audience and ever-changing tastes. The first shipment is in a commemorative limited edition metal bag. The front features the iconic hooded prisoner seated in the electric chair.

Death Row Cannabis hitting stores this week isn’t what fans are waiting for. The brand will announce the exact date and location of the first deliveries shortly. Select California cookie stores (Brentwood, San Bernardino, San Diego) will be the first to carry Death Row Cannabis. “Other stores and other states will follow soon,” Brand said.

Fashion line by Death Row Records and Snoop Dogg

On the fashion side, Snoop Dogg released several limited edition items during the Christmas holidays, including sweaters, T-shirts, and hoodies. Other novelties should be proposed soon.

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