Solar Activated Fashion That Is Fancy & Sustainable At The Same Time

Virtually every sector has been touched and transformed by the wonders of solar energy. The world of fashion is no exception.

A recent fashion trend, solar energy-activated t-shirts and dresses are rapidly gaining customer attention. Dutch fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen, known for her smart clothing line, is one of the pioneers of solar fashion. In 2013, the designer launched the “Wearable Solar Dress” and “Wearable Solar Coat”. These dresses are made from wool and leather prototypes that contain some of the solar cells. It can be seen when the sun is shining. If he wears the solar cell during a time when the sun is shining enough, he may be able to save the sun’s energy and charge his smartphone by 50%.

Also in India, a popular t-shirt brand called The Souled Store has launched a solar-powered t-shirt priced under Rs 1,000. Interestingly, every time the t-shirt is exposed to the sun, the graphics turn on.

This is just the beginning of harnessing solar energy to make fashion more edgy, as the possibilities are endless. logo

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