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If you are a knitwear or knitted fabric manufacturer looking to source the latest in knitting techniques, or a designer or retailer looking for inspiration in the knitting fabric arena, Knitting Trade Journal is the ideal resource.

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  • All of the latest knitting techniques are on sale.
  • A unique insight into the mindset of knitting industry leaders.
  • Learn more about our most innovative fiber and yarn developments.
  • Impact of New Trade Agreements on the Knitting Industry
  • Social compliance in knitwear suppliers.
  • Advice from a knitted fabric manufacturing expert.
  • Real-world examples of industry best practices.
  • Inside track sent directly from journalists on the exhibition floor.
  • Expert advice on raw material selection and product management.
  • Game-changing research and novel textile patents.

All from MCL News & Media, the fastest growing international textile publisher, providing unique insight into what today’s industry looks like tomorrow.

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