South Korea’s Fame Universe joins 1MetaWorld for metaverse fashion

Platform aggregator 1MetaWorld has signed a joint venture agreement with Seoul-based Fame Universe to allow fashion designers and digital creators to create and launch their own digital fashion non-fungible tokens (NFTs) related to physical clothing and objects. We help you raise, sell and produce. -World experience.

A new Singapore-based joint venture, 1Fame, aims to help fight counterfeiting in the fashion industry with its Web3 innovation, leveraging NFTs as a unique token of authenticity, Metaverse e-commerce and authentic reality. We use it as a trusted tool for experiencing the world. 1 Fame and 1 Metaworld.

“By applying innovative Web3 solutions to the world of fashion, backed by the ONERHT network of professional services, 1Fame will continue to develop its ‘phygital’ business model and offer select community lifestyle privileges. Leverage 1MetaWorld’s trusted and secure institutional-grade transaction platform. This innovation not only facilitates the development of the fashion industry from Web3 to Metaverse, but also solves the current problem of fraudulent transactions and counterfeiting. ” Tan Chong Huat, Chairman of 1MetaWorld.

1MetaWorld has entered into a joint venture agreement with Fame Universe to help fashion designers and digital creators create, launch, sell and produce digital fashion NFTs related to physical clothing and real-world experiences. 1Fame venture seeks to help the fashion industry fight counterfeit goods with his Web3 innovation.

1Fame’s Meta Studio works with fashion designers to digitize their designs into interactive digital fashion assets. The new collection will come to life through crowdfunding on 1Fame Fashion Launchpad. Digital clothing is then created as his NFT, stored in the owner’s digital wallet, and can be worn by avatars in the metaverse or traded on the 1Fame marketplace.

Ownership of 1Fame Fashion NFTs is available to fashion enthusiasts and collectors, including advanced access to exclusive Fashion NFT drops, physical clothing delivery, VIP invitations to real-world and metaverse fashion events, and meet-and-greet sessions. Grants exclusive access to immersive and experiential perks for influential designers and added releases.

“1Fame will provide a hyper-connected platform for ecosystem players and stakeholders to co-create authentic blockchain-verified fashion, with strong intellectual property protection and a huge boost in monetization and gamification. It offers possibilities.” James Hong, CEO of 1Fame.

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