SWAT Vehicles Surround Van at Del Amo Fashion Center – NBC Los Angeles

Armored SWAT vehicles and law enforcement SUVs surrounded a white cargo van Sunday morning at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance.

The van was wanted in connection with a shooting in the San Gabriel Valley community of Monterey Park, about 30 miles northeast, that killed 10 and injured 10, and another incident at the nearby Alhambra. Matches the description. Authorities did not immediately confirm whether the van was the same one that witnesses said had left the scene at the Alhambra.

The van was blocked back and forth between two armored SWAT vehicles in the mall’s parking lot. A shattered van window appeared.

The man appeared motionless and slumped over the van’s steering wheel.

About an hour after the vehicle was surrounded by police, a member of the SWAT unit entered the van by breaking the passenger side window around 1:00 pm.

Witnesses said a white cargo van was seen leaving the crime scene in the Alhambra late Saturday. Just minutes after responding to the shooting at a dance studio in Monterey Park, authorities responded to the location of the dance hall.

Sheriff Robert Luna said, “There was a vehicle that was described as an interesting van, and there is a van that looks exactly like the one described to us in the city of Torrance.”

Luna said there was a person inside the van, but details about the person’s condition were not immediately available.

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