Tampa business owner using fashion to educate community on East African culture

HILLSBORO COUNTY, FL — To understand the pride you feel when you walk through the Accent Styles boutique. The owner, Angie, should understand her humble beginnings, along with her degante.


“I literally started with earrings,” she said.

Over the past four years, she’s moved from earrings and a small storefront to an upgraded space full of East African fashion.

Degante says her love for all of East Africa, especially Kenya, began when she took a vacation many years ago.

“I was supposed to be there for a two-week vacation, but I decided to stay and extend it for three years,” she said. I wanted to give you a part. ”

Tampa Business Amplifies East African Culture


And it’s a bridge that works both ways.

Degante tells ABC Action News that her boutique allows her to educate the community about the beauty of East African culture.

But it also allows her to hire an East African to help create the designs, which helps fund an orphanage there.

“or [money] We provide hygiene, we provide educational needs, we provide everyday needs like food,” she said.

The work, she says, is fueled by passion and words of wisdom from her father.

“My father always said to me, ‘You must leave a more beautiful place. [when] We have arrived,” said Degante.

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