The 2023 Wedding Trends That Are In—And Out

With so many talented designers crafting dresses in beautiful prints and patterns, you don’t have to limit your dearest friend to one silhouette and one fabric. I think the most successful approach is to give the bridal party a theme. Have them decide what works best for their body type: jewel tones, florals, or metallics.The result is a clutch of friends who feel beautiful and confident because they were involved in the process. —Jennifer Zabinski

standing wedding party

A big wedding party standing at the ceremony. Allow your loved one to sit comfortably and be fully present at the ceremony, but be prepared beforehand by taking special photos, exchanging notes, and reminiscing about life’s memories together. Kudos to them for being so special! — Lisa Vose

welcome bag

Forget the fancy welcome baskets, write a handwritten note for each guest or couple with a touch of thoughtful elegance. The hotel always has bottled water and you don’t need another brand of canvas tote bag. — Rebecca Gardener

luxury escort card wall

No more wall of excess escort cards. Instead, opt for a more classic display beautifully arranged on the table to encourage guest interaction and interaction. I also love the sleek envelopes. — Lisa Vose

signature cocktail

Rather than handing over one special cocktail, couples are more into the drink experience. Think Bemelmans-inspired tableside martinis, roaming gin carts with exotic furnishings, tequila-sipping dinner courses, or a full-blown tequila bar.It’s safe to say Martini Ice Sluge is making an afterparty comeback! —Augusta Cole


throw away the fireworks Save money and save the planet! — Lisa Vose

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