The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Kirsten Dunst, Jerome LaMaar, Zendaya, and More

The holidays are just around the corner and many celebrities are getting ready. We had a happy moment from Kirsten Dunst and Rodarte on Instagram. The label publishes selfies of the starlet in fantastical costumes and her portraits. One of his included actors is Dunst, his darling Rodarte of the long-time, posing by his tree for Christmas, wearing his dress with silver ruffles and sequins, looking magical. It looked like

Someone else using wood as a photo accessory for a large fit was Donatella Versace. The designer wore a body-skimming sleeveless purple dress with a corset and huge platform boots. Always obsessed with detail, Versace made sure to match the floor-to-ceiling Christmas tree lights, which boast a purple hue.

What other designers are having a good time? Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui. The two looked happy as they enjoyed their holiday dinner together at La Greneuil. Jacobs wore a crewneck sweater and a black jacket with a dainty string of pearls around his neck, while Sui wore a fiery tweed jacket.Facts: This photo shows two It was taken by Sofia Coppola, who is a designer friend of hers.

Also in the mix this week was Jerome Lamarre.series designer and host upcycle nation We shared a BTS shot of ourselves with a killer look. LaMaar posed in a gray Thom Brown kilt and socks, trusty Rick Owens boots, a vintage army t-shirt, Tiffany & Co. jewelry, and Acne Studios sunglasses. They created the “Army Base Mod Barbie” look. That’s the trend we want to see.

Finally, Zendaya is Instagram’s fashion force once again. The actor wore a white T-shirt and a little pinstripe vest that was forever trendy. For the Baba Boon effect, she captured chic little moments that ultimately made a big impact.

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