This $23 Million Honolulu Home Fuses Japanese and American Design With a Heavy Dose of High Fashion

High fashion meets picturesque scenery in this rare modern home listed for $23 million in Honolulu, Hawaii. The owner, a socialite and designer, and her husband, descendants of a prominent Japanese family, have lived in Hawaii for decades. Honolulu was the perfect home base for the couple who spent six months in Japan. When they first found this particular property in a private, gated community, the owners say it was “fate.”

“When the house was built, I walked through it for the first time with architect Jeff Long and thought it was the most amazing place,” she says. “Many were incredible and the views were insane. Bought within days. After Covid-19 we burnt down the house and redid everything. It’s well built and It had great bones, and now it’s completely up-to-date and beautiful.”

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360 Puikkena Drive

pneumatic elevator.

From the outside, the house looks very private and minimalist, and that’s by design. , featuring notable art. Located on half an acre, this home features five bedrooms and his six bathrooms, a gorgeous entertaining area, a pristine kitchen, and a pneumatic elevator that takes you to each level in style.

The owner had a particular vision for design, a fusion of East and West. Unlike the traditional Hawaiiana or Balinese style design that is synonymous with Hawaiian architecture, this home stands out with a modern, high fashion flair. Over the past decade, the owner and her husband have spent six months in Paris, returning to the East Coast to cut travel time on short trips to Europe, and becoming a regular at her fashion shows and part of the fashion world. I’m here.

360 Puikkena Drive

dining room.

“Fashion is a big part of my life, so I wanted to take some of the fun pieces that are part of the fashion world and make them playful,” she says. The underlying décor is classic and timeless, and we didn’t want the interior to overwhelm the view.”

At first glance, you might notice some overt fashion influences, such as Louis Vuitton trunks and wall installations, but for the owner, it’s all about the details.

“I used Chanel Lesage fabrics to decorate the walls, Louis Vuitton canvases, I collected bits and pieces of boutiques and incorporated them into my home. ‘ she says. She said, “She wanted to incorporate fashion into her furniture, so she made a chair with a Chanel jacket and a Hermès petite ash handle.”

360 Puikkena Drive


Above all, she wanted a home with the blend of Japanese and American culture that Honolulu is known for.

“‘Japonisme’ is the French term for the influence of Japanese art and architecture on Western artists of the late 19th century. It affected me,” she says. “Modernism as we know it has its roots in Japanese minimalism, and various parts of modern Japanese architecture are heavily influenced by Western architects such as Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright. .”

The art she has is mostly by Japanese artists and designers with a western touch, such as Noguchi, Masami Teraoka, Takashi Murakami, and Hiroyuki Matsuura. She also sourced her furniture from classic luxury brands such as Mies van der Rohe, Molteni, B&B, Eames and Cassina. Even her outdoor furniture features custom cushions from Hermès, and guests in her bedroom have a custom Bottega her Veneta daybed and her Fendi desk. The closets are all from her Molteni & Dada with artisanal designer touches.

360 Puikkena Drive

movie theatre.

The room was not an afterthought. Snidero’s kitchen, designed by Ferrari design firm Pininfarina, overlooks the ocean and Diamond Head. The cinema has walls of leather and French he linen. The bedroom and bathroom cabinets are by Snidero. Some other elements include limestone stairs, limestone walls and leather walls in some rooms. The home is sold fully furnished.

This is Hawaii, so no home is complete without an outdoor oasis. The backyard features a saltwater infinity pool and expansive pool he deck is perfect for soaking up the Hawaiian sun. The neighborhood has his 24-hour security, and the house also has automatic metal shutters from a German company that offers a lock-and-go lifestyle.

“It’s been great living here. Very safe, very private,” she says. “I love how the outside doesn’t say much about the house. It’s like living in a penthouse.”

Check out more photos of this incredible property.

360 Puikkena Drive


360 Puikkena Drive


360 Puikkena Drive

Lots of art.

360 Puikkena Drive

one of the bedrooms.

360 Puikkena Drive


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