‘This is madness’: Sabyasachi’s ‘India Tote’ collection leaves netizens baffled

Kolkata-based fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is known for pushing the envelope when reimagining Indian cultural fit and accessories.His sumptuous traditional ensembles and extravagant jewelry The collection never fails to leave anyone in awe. Similarly, Sabyasachi recently launched his ‘India Tote’ collection. Craft and textiles”.

For those who don’t know tote bag A large open bag with two handles, used to carry many items.As captain of the post, the designer wrote: That’s what drives me to make by hand, defy trends, protect endangered crafts, and create living legacies that can be passed down from generation to generation. ”

Sabyasachi posted a series of photos showcasing a variety of huge tote bags with heavy embellishments. design.

People admired these designs, tote bagthey remained baffled by its gigantic size and went to the comments section to voice their opinion on the same.

“Beautiful and intricate design but wtf is it in the size???? This is insanity. Designers have gone too far with the idea that from the outside there is no such thing as a box,” wrote one user.

Another added, “If I solve it, I can make a perfect tent out of a square foot of material.”

“Usually all of your designs are very artistic, unique, practical and graceful. I disagree with the size once, but they look like travel bags,” one user commented.

One user asked: How do you justify the usefulness of this product?”

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