This Skirt Makes Beige Dressing Non-Boring

In “My Most Worn,” BAZAAR editors share the fashion items they hold most in their closets. Her fashion news director, Rachel Tashjian, reviewed Lauren Manoogian’s skirt and changed her perspective on dressing in beige.

Is there a purer winter fashion fantasy than just wrapping yourself in a blanket? life Initialize? This idea is so enduring that traces of it can be seen in all of his early 20th-century operatic coats. Just like Edith Wharton’s bathrobes, Norma Kamari Sleeping Bag Coat, Snuggies and matching high-fashion cashmere wrap coats (especially Max Mara’s famous Manuela).

In other words, blanket dressing fantasies are mostly about outerwear, so why not? There is one. Underneath a nice coat, you might find all manner of Uniqlo Heattech turtlenecks, wide-leg corduroy pants, and chunky wool sweaters, but these items are primarily for body temperature, not chic. Assembled in the name of maintenance.

But as a certified fashion freak (a certification issued only by your own ego), I like to take things for granted extremelyWith a wrap coat and comfy gloves already firmly on hand, in late October I decided on a full regime of blanket dressing, starting with Fall 2022’s prettiest skirts. Lauren Manoogian blanket skirt.

Lauren Manoogian Asymmetric-hem alpaca-blend midi skirt

Lauren Manoogian Asymmetric-hem alpaca-blend midi skirt

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Credit: MatchesFashion

I am a longtime Manoogian follower. I’m wearing her pima her cotton knit her pants as she writes this from the couch. Knits in general, especially over the past few years, have taken on a folksy, bohemian twist, as the knits that have recently captured the world’s attention from brands such as Loewe and Paloma Wool have tended to be whimsical, charming and gritty. It’s possible. 1970s Yves Saint Laurent small knit setup.“Bohemian” meant something decadent and mysterious, rather than understated. Bonnie Cassin’s cosmopolitan panache.) There were some pretty spectacular pleated knit skirts and tops in the collection, but what caught my attention like a child grabbing a snow globe was twitching up and down with ravenous, mad excitement. It was a blanket skirt. It is whipstitched, soft and very long. This makes a lot of sense in this economy where the lengths presented on the runway are often slashed by the time something hits the store.

Also great: the colors. The tone of the skirt was like holding a very precious and rare pigeon in their hands, and the two of them felt the vibes very much. It is a fragile pigeon belly gray. For the record, Lauren Manoogian calls this color “aspen”. This works for me because I can really rock this in a “I took my private girlfriend jet to the ski lodge” way.

Rachel Tashujian Wears Lauren Manoogian Skirt in Lauren Manoogian Skirt Review

Courtesy of Rachel Tashijan

I don’t own a private jet or a ski lodge (I’ve never even been to Aspen!), but there are plenty of other ways to wear this beautiful wardrobe hero. I also took it on my maiden voyage with a greyish pullover sweater by Lauren Manoogian and house slippers by Lauren Manoogian. The best thing in my entire closet is a vintage locawear jacket I found at a thrift store in Cape. Here is his Cod from years before 2017. We found that the pigeon belly hue picked up beautifully the steely grays and browns of Rocawear’s logo.

Not long after, I wore it to the office in a more understated style with the same crew neck. A pair of knee boots.

Rachel Tashujian Wears Lauren Manoogian Skirt Explains Lauren Manoogian Skirt Review

Courtesy of Rachel Tashijan

And finally, I had lunch in a skirt with some of the most important designers in Italian fashion, and another prized possession: a Paul Harnden blazer and tiny red socks and Manolo Blahnik desert boots. Got it in the sample sale for an amazing price. Prices early this fall.

I was terrified of beige dresses — mostly because they were boring.I’ve been wearing this bad boy every week Since it came back in October, I’ve found that I can pull it off and wrap myself up in a neutral get-together and see it’s so gorgeous very much togetherWe don’t usually associate “dressing comfortably” with luxury.

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