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As a standout on TikTok for her styling and design, Tamara Strzelecki is no stranger to putting herself out there. She was stopped cold when she shared an image of Shane’s dress stamped with stuff.

Strzelecki, known simply as “Tami” on TikTok, was first told about Shein’s dress on Jan. 11. She was “shocked” by the seemingly strong resemblance between herself and her caricature. said he must have seen it ten times before grinning. “Then it started to freak me out a bit. I like talking about my life in general on TikTok, so I made a video about my shock after going on TikTok and seeing this dress that looked just like me. ‘ she said Strzelecki.

Shein executives did not respond to requests for comment on Thursday or Friday.

Her online business, Sugs’ Shoppe, has been running for 15 years, but she said it became a success last year after one of her preparation videos for a visit to a therapist went viral. She found over a million people watching, liking her style and selling online, so she started supporting Sug’s Shoppe. Strzelecki previously worked in hospice care for her, but in 2020 her prolonged bout with COVID-19 occurred, sidelining her for an extended period of time. That led her to join her TikTok and find a way to make more money.

She expressed concerns about the similarity and said she sent Shane two emails requesting more information about the dress’ design, but received no response. Nevertheless, I bought a $20 dress to see for myself. After posting another video of herself in a Shane dress, followers of the attorney offered legal assistance and sent a cease and desist letter, according to Strzelecki, after her 2 I have yet to receive a response to my suspension and deletion email. She runs a small business, so she has limited time to do this legally, she said.

The problem, in her view, is that her logo is based on her caricature, that her style is also her own and that she is proud of. It didn’t feel fair to her,” Strzelecki said, adding that her country of origin has copyrights to protect her likeness. She said the “massive influx” of people was “extremely rude” and posted claims that she didn’t look like the dress. But she believes the design is more intentional, given her viral experience on TikTok in 2022.

The dress has since sold out on Shein’s site. Finding the design “really appalling” at first, she tries not to stress it too much now. He said he would probably take off more dresses.

The stylist and designer has posted several videos of herself wearing Shane’s designs.

Some followers have speculated that the image was used by Shein via AI, and Strzelecki points out how Shein has faced copyright infringement claims from designers in the past. The 38-year-old said her husband found the dress funny, and her children, ages 7 and 9, found the resemblance “very cool,” she said. But it’s crazy.

The designer, who recently honed several new handbag designs, will soon be introducing a Michigan-made romper she’s been working on. I suggested designing shirts and dresses and selling them online. you might want to do.”

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