Top Fashion Stories of the Week: January 6

As the new year kicked off, the fashion industry presented a mix of business deals, creative director changes and the launch of new collaborations. If anything, it’s been revealed that the next year in fashion is set to include a variety of moments worthy of discussion, big and small.

Adidas Thom Browne appears in court regarding the ongoing 3-Stripes trademark dispute. dry Forecasts for the fourth quarter suggest that Balenciaga’s advertising controversy could contribute to the decline in numbers. California became the first state to ban the sale of fur. Louise Trotter has left Lacoste as creative director. Outside of business, Marni and her Carhartt WIP teamed up to drop a funkadelic product, Dior x ERL “California Collection,” on her DSM. Louis Vuitton launched a collaboration with Yayoi Kusama in New York, where Fendi and Tiffany teamed up for a baguette bag in sterling silver.

Below, HYPEBEAST has compiled the top fashion stories of the week so you can stay up to date with the trends in the industry.

adidas and Thom Browne go to court over 3-Stripes trademark dispute

Last Tuesday, adidas and Thom Browne appeared in Manhattan’s Southern District Court regarding their ongoing 3-Stripes trademark dispute. A trademark infringement and dilution claim was filed against Thom Browne in June 2021, but recent appearances point to new points in the well-known problem. The sportswear brand claims that Braun’s brand is “imitation.” [its] Using the 3-Stripes Mark in a manner that is likely to cause consumer confusion and mislead the public as to its provenance, sponsorship, association or affiliation” is a violation of the “adidas brand and its highly valued It damages things irretrievably. [mark]”

Adidas is seeking $867,225 in damages in licensing fees, along with $7 million in profits, according to R. Charles Henn Jr., an attorney at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP. WWDFor more information on both sides’ claims in court, see the post linked above.

Kering’s fourth-quarter forecast suggests Balenciaga’s ad controversy could contribute to lower numbers

Adidas and Thom Browne Take Court, Kering's Q4 Predictions Drop Numbers in Top Fashion News of the Week
Balenciaga has yet to heat up and Kering looks set to take a hit as a result.Balenciaga’s advertising controversy in 2022 has cost the brand significant business losses in the US and UK markets, according to one person. rice field. WWD Report on recent HSBC stock research.

This report details Kering’s forecast for the fourth quarter. That’s because we could see his 3.1% decline, made up of Gucci’s 12.5% ​​decline and his 8% improvement figures from other brands. However, it remains unclear how much damage the Balenciaga controversy will hurt Kering, as no official figures have yet been released.Alongside Balenciaga, Gucci’s recent changes have led to the creative decision of his director. Kering is also set to make a change, given Alessandro Michele’s recent resignation.

Balenciaga will account for around 10% of Kering’s 2021 group sales, while Gucci’s figure stands at just 55%. Please wait until

Louise Trotter leaves Lacoste

Adidas and Thom Browne Take Court, Kering's Q4 Predictions Drop Numbers in Top Fashion News of the Week
Between Alessandro Michele leaving Gucci and Raf Simons shutting down his eponymous brand, 2022 was the year of a major creative director turnover, sending waves through the industry. 2023 looks to be continuing that trend, with Louise Trotter leaving Lacoste as creative director after a four-year career.

Trotter joined Lacoste in 2018 and showed the brand its first runway during Paris Fashion Week 2019. After leaving the company, Trotter unveiled her last collection to her group in private last year and is set to be part of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

California is the first state to officially ban the sale of fur

Adidas and Thom Browne Take Court, Kering's Q4 Predictions Drop Numbers in Top Fashion News of the Week
California takes another step towards animal welfare and environmental justice by becoming the first state to ban the sale of fur. The ban took effect on her January 1st, banning the sale and manufacture of new animal fur products.

For clarity, the law does not prohibit the sale of used fur products sold by second-hand retailers or non-profit thrift shops. The law also does not affect fur ownership. Therefore, it’s still legal to wear real fur clothing in California.Furthermore, the ban means that fur salons such as Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Neiman and his Marcus have either closed or have not closed fur sales. Affects department stores across the state. WWD.

“We thank the state of California for challenging the cruel fur industry with a statewide ban on the production and sale of new fur products,” Jenny Berg, California director of the American Humane Society, said in a statement. there are,” he said. .

An official look at Marni and Carhartt WIP’s Funkadelic Fusion

Adidas and Thom Browne Take Court, Kering's Q4 Predictions Drop Numbers in Top Fashion News of the Week
Francesco Risso’s Marni first teased a collaboration with Carhartt WIP last year, and the collection is finally here. To bring the funky collaboration to life, the brand enlisted his Bootsy Collins, his wife Patti Collins, and Bootsy’s grandson Vincent, Babyxsosa.

Merni’s whimsical, colorful rhythms and Carhartt WIP’s workwear style, uniform pieces are shaped with color-block construction and floral prints and feature collaborative branding. Highlights of the collection include the Active Jacket and Chore Jacket, presented in green/white, yellow/black and warm colorways.

The Marni x Carhartt WIP collection will be available on January 14th at Carhartt WIP stores, Marni boutiques and the Marni website.

Dior and ERL’s California Couture collection hits DSM this week

Adidas and Thom Browne Take Court, Kering's Q4 Predictions Drop Numbers in Top Fashion News of the Week
Dior and ERL finally released their “California Couture” collection at the Dover Street Market, which was unveiled for the first time in May. Sophisticated style meets Cali comfort in a highly anticipated collaboration filled with a dreamy array of colours.

Quilted puffer jackets, pastel satin suits and more graced the show’s bold blue runway. Dior’s Kim Jones says Christo’s Dior-era glamor in America was the focal point in creating this collection. HYPEBEAST recently interviewed Kim Jones and He Eli Russel Linnetz to discuss the collection’s vibrant and fun influences.

The Dior x ERL ‘California Couture’ collection is available now at DSM before landing soon in Dior boutiques.

Louis Vuitton announces collaboration with Yayoi Kusama in New York

Adidas and Thom Browne Take Court, Kering's Q4 Predictions Drop Numbers in Top Fashion News of the Week
After the new collection of Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama has taken Tokyo by storm, a new collaboration has finally begun in New York.

To bring the East Coast collaboration to life, the French luxury house opened a special pop-up in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Embedded in it are Kusama’s signature multicolored dots of his artwork. Alongside the Meatpacking Store is another one of his pop-ups in Soho. Both stores include ready-to-wear, leather goods, accessories, shoes, perfumes and luggage.

While the collaboration landed in New York, the second Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection was also launched at LV stores around the world and at DSM Ginza.

Fendi and Tiffany Release Sterling Silver Baguette Bag

Adidas and Thom Browne Take Court, Kering's Q4 Predictions Drop Numbers in Top Fashion News of the Week
During NYFW in September 2022, Fendi hosted a special fashion show to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its signature Baguette bag. To extend the celebration, the Rome-based luxury house partnered with Tiffany & Co to create a baguette bag in sterling silver.

The bag ended up in the hands of a group of Tiffany Makers at the brand’s Rhode Island workshop. The bag, which took him over four months to create, is entirely made of his sterling silver bag, with engravings of lilies and roses reminiscent of the flowers of Italy and New York. In addition to the unique sterling silver bag, the collaboration also includes a capsule of Tiffany’s signature blue shade leather baguette bag.

The Fendi x Tiffany & Co. baguette bag is available in select Fendi boutiques and online at Fendi and Tiffany & Co.

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