Top fashion trends to look out for in 2023

As 2023 comes and fashion trends come out every year, there are several fashion trends in 2023 that will take up space in your closet in 2023.

Pinterest, an American image-sharing and social media service designed to help you store and discover information on the Internet, recently released a fashion trends report that highlights these trends.

Every year, Pinterest reveals the biggest hits they see on the horizon, from those that build on existing favorites (Y2000 resurrection) to those that pop up out of nowhere and are ready to take over right now. We’ve put together a guide to emerging trends, whether you’re making your way from the runway to your local store or finding a foothold on TikTok or Instagram.

Whether your personal style is sleek and romantic or sophisticated and edgy, you can find something to ignite your outfit and get you ready for the New Year.

Prepare for your next shopping trip with a few fashion trends to watch.

fringe dress

Call it the Dolly Parton effect. Indulge your inner rodeo star or bohemian Woodstock attendee with his fringe textures on dresses and jackets. Suede and leather fringes are a staple, but rhinestone fringes add irresistible sparkle, especially when paired with his denim jacket. Fringes are fun on the sleeves, the hem of the skirt, and even on his wedding dress.

think pink

Barbiecore gets bigger and better, especially when the highly anticipated Barbie movie hits theaters in July. Dolls with endless closets continue to inspire fashion trendsetters, especially the pink miniskirt ensembles that make Elle Woods jealous. Take a cue from our crew and think (bright) pink!

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gamer girl vibe

Think about the year 2023. Cyber ​​chic is all the rage, video games and intergalactic glamor will influence how we dress. Even if you’re not a gamer, you can use futuristic glasses, loose fitting jeans, and plenty of black and silver and shiny chrome textures to compliment Rihanna’s glamorous look in Ocean’s 8.

Dystopian and avant-garde inspiration

Science fiction influences are also felt in more dystopian and avant-garde looks inspired by films such as Dune and Mad Max. Think lots of draped layers (Rick Owens would approve) or a sleek catsuit with boots and a long jacket. If it feels like something Katniss Everdeen would wear to fight in the Capitol , that’s probably the trend for 2023.

Romcom core

Cue your favorite 2000s rom-com and watch Jennifer Lopez from The Wedding Planner, Kate Hudson from How to Lose a Man in 10 Days, Gabrielle Union from Deliver Us from Eva, or 13 Going on 30 Get style cues from Jennifer Garner of . , tube his tops in bright colors and prints, slip dresses, cargo pants, butterfly clips or claw clips, mini-his bags, and accessories with sparkly rhinestone details.

cool girl aesthetics

The “cool girl” aesthetic continues to reign supreme in the trend scene, but we’re curious to see how the trend evolves over the next year. Cool girl look features include baggy her jeans, cropped T her shirt, crochet hair, oversized jackets, cool sunglasses and sneakers. For example, Hailey in her Bieber endless vintage Levis and leather coats, Bella in her Hadid signature street style, and Zendaya in her casual off-duty style.

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