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TULSA, Oklahoma — As the temperatures cool, more people are reaching out to the community for help as more people serve Tulsa’s homeless shelters.

People who work or volunteer in homeless communities say they’ve been handing out lots of winter clothing, but they’re starting to run out and are asking the community to help with donations.

At the Tulsa Day Center downtown, executive director Mack Haltom said the number of people needing winter clothing is increasing.

“Yesterday this was the first time I saw a line breaking in the middle of our room…we are trying to serve people as quickly as possible and make sure their needs are met.” said Haltom.

Haltom said about 250 people were seen during the day and about 80 at night this week, many of them in need of clothing.

This need leaves empty shelves in day center closets.

“We provided lots of coats, lots of winter clothes, mufflers, hats, gloves, hand warmers, foot warmers, warm shoes, and anything that could keep people warm.

Paul Schmidt, executive director of Pearl District merchant Tulsa, has empty hangers in his warehouse and needs more coats.

About 200 people visit the merchant’s door, which opened this week, every day, Schmidt said, and will donate more clothes to help people experiencing homelessness stay warm in this winter weather. There is a need.

“Since Christmas, we’ve provided people with warm gear, probably over 500 blankets, maybe 150 to 200 sleeping bags,” Schmidt says.

Haltom and Schmidt say receiving more donations is very important.

“We don’t have blankets, we don’t have sleeping bags, we don’t have enough things to keep us warm and to keep us alive,” Schmidt said, listing the needs of the homeless community.

“I am really worried because this is a matter of life and death,” added Haltom.

To make a donation, please contact the Tulsa Day Center at 918-583-5588 or Merchant Tulsa at 918-260-6605.

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