Volunteers Prepare for Christmas Day Clothing Distribution – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Despite the cold weather, volunteers scouted distribution sites on Thursday morning in preparation for the annual homeless aid that provides warm clothes and blankets for more than 1,000 people on Christmas Day.

This included loading box trucks with enough warm blankets, sweatshirts and socks to provide a little Christmas cheer to the homeless in and around downtown Dallas.

It’s part of an initiative that Don Kaye Knubowitz and his family started nine years ago.

“The homeless situation was really bad. People were begging for food in the streets every day. I knew you were coming.

Today, Give a Leg Up has evolved into a clothing and blanket distribution, he said. Some are donated. Most are purchased through manufacturers where he works at a sporting goods store.

Knubowitz said this year’s Arctic front adds urgency to their efforts, rather than crushing them.

“Every year you can see in their faces that they need it. They love it,” he said.

On Sunday, Knubowitz expects dozens of volunteers for its ever-expanding outreach efforts each year.

Distribution will begin at Cornerstone Baptist Church on Sunday morning in South Arvey, then move to at least a few other sites.

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