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against the wind‘Wednesday’ actor Percy Hines White attended his first fashion show in Milan on Friday, where models marched around a rock band performing on a circular pedestal for Gucci Fall/Winter 2023. I picked up the men’s collection.

“It’s so cool,” he said before the show while posing for a photo with Korean pop star Kai and Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri.

A hip doc worker look in Gucci’s next season look might suit Hein White’s hometown of St. Johns, Newfoundland, which is known for its rugged weather.

“When it’s windy, you can walk perfectly level down the street. It’s crazy,” said the actor, who now lives in Toronto.

Percy Hines White and Marco Bizzari

Courtesy of Gucci

Hines White was intrigued.

Also on the show were actor Idris Elba, musician Nick Cave, and Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jaren Ramsey.

Gucci was the first big show of Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week, which runs through Sunday.

Fall 2023 Gucci Men's Front Row

Jalen Ramsey at Gucci’s Fall 2023 men’s show.

Vanni Bassetti/WWD

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