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Kate Handley seems to be in her groove.

After shelving her line for 2020, “COVID[-19] Inspired by his days working for Zac Posen and Ralph Lauren, the New York-based designer is back for the 2022 resort with a more flashy take on Victorian Americana.

That collection borrowed from Madonna’s moment of Western glamor in early August, but Madonna’s ability to reinvent herself stylistically prompted Handley to plug in again before the fall. . This time, her 80s new wave sound hit the spot.

Kate Handley pre-fall 2023.

“Music to me is the mood ring of underlying emotions and conflicts. Roe vs. Wade was flipped the day after its last presentation, so frankly, I was a little mad,” Handley said. rice field.

Cue fishnets, corsets and leather.

The latter looked particularly sleek as an elongated moto jacket with laces.

Inspired by the Japanese armor he encountered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Handley said he used the technique to explore connection in times of crisis when people “seek support and control to generate power.” The accessory-trained designer brought this theme into the construction of the patent leather top-handle bag.

One in sequins, one in raspberry-colored jacquard, and the last in black viscose with grommets along the contours of the body.

The collection’s wool outerwear, meanwhile, featured rounded mid-century lines and featured studded choa jackets. Worn over flared black trousers, it laid the foundation for the streamlined, cosmopolitan look Handley should lean into.

Kate Handley pre-fall 2023.

Now strictly a direct-to-consumer sales company, Hundley allows the collection to be pre-ordered through its website. And while other smaller designers may try to grab retail attention during Fashion Week, Hundley won’t be on his February calendar.

“Traditional months are very busy…we don’t want to get lost in the rush of our current schedule,” she said, noting how the offseason fosters connections and gauges interest as we look to expand. I mentioned it can be done. to wholesale.

Kate Handley pre-fall 2023.

Kate Handley pre-fall 2023.

Kate Handley pre-fall 2023.

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