Winter Fashion Pieces You Should Have In Your Wardrobe

Last update: Dec 25, 2022, 22:26 IST

Disha Patani warms you up in chunky turtleneck sweaters. (Image: Instagram)

Your outfit should be put together not only to suit your festive mood, but also to keep you warm and look stylish.

One of the most beautiful things in the winter season is Christmas. Winter is all about dressing in layers and staying comfortable to beat the chilly winds and dropping temperatures. All your summer clothes are packed, and shaggy wool clothes are taking their rightful place in your wardrobe instead. You need to put together your costume so that you can see it.

Here are five fashion items you should have in your wardrobe this Christmas.

red or green outfit

All Christmas-themed parties have red and green as their dress code, and you should definitely have one. You can enjoy combining it with various clothes.


If you plan on opting for something sexy to show off, you’ll need a coat or blazer to keep you warm. prize. You can choose bright colors such as red or yellow, or sport something flashy.

fleece leggings (tights)

If you’re wearing a short dress and want to protect your feet from the cold, pair it with fleece leggings for a twist. You can match the color of the leggings (tights) with the color of the dress, or you can choose basic colors such as beige or black. The brushed lining of the tights gives warmth and makes you look sexy.

scarf and beanie

Adding a scarf and beanie will definitely raise the style index a few notches. A checkered scarf and a fluffy beanie in bold colors are the ultimate winter goals that also fit the Christmas vibe.


The beauty of boots is that they can be paired with almost anything and instantly add glamor to your look. I can do it.

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